Who Attends?

CSN often receives emails and phone calls asking about who attends, and
what age group they are. Most people who attend are age 40 to 80, but
all ages are welcome. While it is primarily a singles group, couples do
attend, including several married couples who met at the events and
continue to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great music and
fellowship. All denominations are welcome, we are not affiliated with
any one church.
People drive from the Bay Area, Reno, Stockton and Yuba City to attend
the events. A group regularly drives to the dances from San Jose. We
provide a dance lesson which helps new people meet everyone, as well as
mixers during the dances. The group is very genuine and down-to-earth,
and it is easy to get to know people. While we are not a dating group,
we have had 216 couples that we know of meet and get married, and many
long-lasting friendships have taken place over the nearly 29 years CSN
has been in Sacramento.

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