Meet our DJ’s

You can invite a huge crowd, rent a great hall, and present lots of
wonderful food  – all in expectation of a fantastic event, but if you
don’t have a great DJ or band, the entire event can go down the tubes
quickly! Over the years CSN dances have featured a variety of
entertaining DJs and an occasional band, and we have come to expect
great music from them all.  Our current DJs John and DJ Dale  are no
  DJ John has been working for CSN for over 10 years. He started DJing at
the young age of 17, working at his school dances and his friend’s and
siblings weddings in 1983. In 1992 John began spinning country tunes at
the Ballroom of Sacramento on Friday nights, and has played for CSN,
Wagon Train in Placerville, many fundraisers, school dances, weddings
and corporate events. He lives in a small foothills town near
Placerville, and just got married!
  Dale has been a regular DJ at CSN dances for at least 20 years, working
under the name of Allstar DJ Group.  ( He has worked
nightclubs, casinos, conventions, family festivals, and fairs as well as
1,000 weddings over his 25 year career as a DJ. Dale, his wife Danyae,
along with their kids, live near Grass Valley, CA.  Danyae also works as
his booking agent.  Dale is always looking to take requests and have a
party with us.
  You might have seen him perform at the annual Fountains First Friday,
in Roseville, for the last 8 years. Usually, you can find him  getting
everybody boogying in the streets with a setup right in the center of
everything, MCing car shows, celebrities, contests, local talent
performing, all clean sound vibes on his extraordinary sound system.
Family fun crowds of around 3,000 attend this event, listening to oldies
to today’s music. The summer series starts in May. Dale will be our
first DJ this year, playing music at our Saturday,  June 26 event at
Roseville Veteran’s Hall. See you there!

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